Species-specific traceability systems are in place with fur auction houses such as Saga Furs. Under FURMARK, a traceability system will be introduced across all major auctions ensuring compatibility with existing processes. To guarantee the robustness and transparency of this process, FURMARK will incorporate a traceability system that links the various pro- cesses through each stage in the supply chain. This traceability system is based on ChainPoint technology, a multilingual web-based platform that allows multiple supply chain stakeholders to be registered so that they can collaborate across their chains.


FURMARK certified fur can be traced back through the supply chain to the source. This follows pilot traceability schemes which were put in place (testing the robustness of the pro- cess as fur moves through the supply chain) in autumn 2018 with the main auction houses as well as targeted manufacturers and dressers and dyers. The traceability system has been designed and developed by a team of independent experts experienced in textile traceability. The objective is to trace fur from its origin to its endpoint, ensuring the same level of confidence and assurances exist across every stage of the supply chain. The FURMARK traceability platform is – rightly – designed to work in harmony with existing systems.

The ChainPoint system will be fully integrated with a labelling solution to ensure that garments carry the relevant information and provide a level of security and transparency that meets customer needs. Although many commercial brands will go with a standard solution, IFF recognizes that some high-end brands will wish to tailor their FURMARK communications. The approach to labelling and other forms of on-garment communication reflect this perspective. This project is being piloted in 2020 ahead of full implementation later in the year.