FURMARK is being developed in close consultation with major brands. This will ensure that FURMARK and the specific certification programmes align with the requirements and standards of these global businesses.

FURMARK has been developed by the International Fur Federation. A steering group of key members of the International Fur Federation’s board – comprised of the CEOs of the major auctions, leading fur manufacturers, brands, retailers, and brokers – will have full oversight of FURMARK. Each programme under the FURMARK scheme has its own governance structure to support the implementation process. This includes engagement with scientists, government officials, farmers, hunters and trappers, and with third-party assessors, who are fully independent of industry influence. Farm-raised and wild fur programmes are also subject to independent review and checked to ensure that they are fully compliant with FURMARK principles.


Dedicated workshops, roundtables, and meetings have taken place in order to engage brands on the formulation of FURMARK. Dedicated working groups focusing on traceability, individual programme development, and communication are also in place.


The International Fur Federation 

The International Fur Federation was established in 1949 and is the only organisation to represent the international fur industry and regulate its practices and trade. The federation promotes the business of fur and establishes certification and traceability programmes on welfare and the environment. It is also committed to supporting young designers and retailers who intend to go into the fur fashion trade.

The international Fur Federation represents 56 member associations in over 40 countries around the world. The members encompass all parts of the fur trade, including farmers, trappers, dressers, manufacturers, brokers, auction houses, retailers and designers.