North American 



The American and Canadian farm-raised mink sectors have a long history of working together. By aligning their welfare programmes and associated certification assessments, both the USA and Canada aim to support quality welfare practices and meet supply chain requirements.

The sections in the standard guidelines for US and Canadian mink farms are broadly the same covering a range of topics: management of the farm, accommodation, food and water, health, environmental quality, transportation, humane euthanasia, biosecurity, and animal husbandry.


Third-party verification for the Canadian mink sector is being conducted by an international- ly recognised, professional auditing company, NSF International. As of December 2019 around 85% of Canadian farms were either certified or in the process of certification under the NSF assessment scheme.


The USA’s standard guidelines will be verified by Validus an independent animal auditor or- ganization and implemented during Q1 2020.




The Canadian code of practice for the care and handling of farm-raised fox contains seven sections detailing the responsibilities of the producer: accommodation and housing, biosecurity, food and water, health and welfare management, animal husbandry, humane euthanasia, and transportation.

Third party verification of the Canadian fox sector is being conducted by an internationally recognised professional auditing company, NSF International.




The WelFur programme is also operating in North America and a number of farms are part of this programme.