What it means

FURMARK means confidence. Confidence for our suppliers, partners, retailers, and consumers. FURMARK sets clear, independent protocols and standards for the fur trade and supply chain. For consumers, FURMARK delivers the reassurance needed to confidently buy natural fur. The certification is transparent, traceable, and publicly accessible.


FURMARK means commitment. Across the entire supply chain, FURMARK ensures that each step of the production process meets strict requirements that reflect the strongest, globally-recognized animal welfare and sustainability standards. From farmers and trappers to dressers and designers, FURMARK ensures that everyone is working together to meet exacting practices and standards – for the good of the animal, the environment, and the public.


FURMARK reaffirms the status and value of natural, sustainable fur; FURMARK reaffirms the collective effort to deliver global standards.

Mark Oaten
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Mark Oaten
International Fur Federation